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Alexander in China

Apartment view
On this picture you see an overview of our apartment complex. It had a nice garden in the middle where people made morning exercises each day.

Apartment view 2
As you can see we had some nice garden in front of our apartment.

Street view
This picture shows a normal street in Beijing. On the horizon you see the typical Beijing smog.

A rest in the Summerpalace
This picture was shot in the Summer Palace. From left to right: Me from Germany, Harald from Sweden, Mei Ying from China.

Teaching game
Nearly everyday we played teaching games in our teaching apartment. Here you see me playing Andrew from England. I won this game, but my last move on this picture was a mistake :)

Beijing Go Club
This is probably the best Go Club in Beijing. I visited a lot and played some very tough games.

Beijing Go Club 2
Again a picture taken in the Beijing Go Club. On the lower right you see Craig from America playing a chinese guy. On the top right you see me analysing a position with Su Yang from China. He was one of our teachers.

Solving Go Problems
Stanislav from Bulgaria and Sebastian from Germany solving some Go Problems in the teaching apartment.

Visit a chinese Go school
Someday we visited a chinese Go school. Normally the children visit them in the afternoon when they are finished with normal school. I think this is much better than playing computer games or watching tv at home. You can see me at the top left near William.

Game against a Kid
On this picture you see William from England playing a strong chinese kid from the Go school. We played many games with them and had a lot of fun.

Great Wall
Of cause we visited the Great Wall. As you can see on the picture it was very steep sometimes. And my choice to take Cola with me was a bad one :)

Great Wall 2
A nice view on the Great Wall. At the bottom you see the hanging bridge from the previous picture.

Teaching game
Another teaching game I played with Niklas from Sweden. The game looks promising for me (Black), but it got very close in the end because I made a mistake :)

Our Living Area
A nice view on our living area. Although we had many big houses around us, I didn't feel uncomfortable. Actually I felt quite cozy.

Tom who was one of our teachers discusses a Go problem with Andrew from England. I'm watching.

A professional
Here you see our strongest teacher. Liu Yuan Bo is a 2 Dan professional player and studies at Beijing University.